Silver Knights Technical




[March 21th 2014]

Future plans for SK:

"As for Gameplay, the following will be added:
1) In melee, clash of swords will cause both mechs to push each other with their swords(instead of cancelling each other out)
2) Stages will contain objects that could cause damage to mechs
3) No more floating melee (the melee attack when you are in air that causes you to close into your opponent)
4) Faster reload time.

As for new mechs, here is what's coming up:
1. Cyclops
-Dual wield chain gun (low power, but high rate of fire. A spamming type of weapon)
-Rail Cannon (When in humanoid form, it can be used as a sniper like Arjuna)
-Sensor mines (When in tank form)
-Firecrackers (When in humanoid form)
-Beam snakesword (folding beam sword. chainguns will be housed)
-Dual shield (on the arm or on the shoulders)
-There will be humanoid and tank form for this mech.
-The controls for the tank form will be like Gyges and not like Shiranui and Kagerou.

2. Maikaze, Hien, Heavy armored Maikaze

3. Successor version of Philotes. (Like Masamune, charging shots are possible)

4. Strengthened version of Arjuna (Teshima said he wanted to make this. For example, powerloaders)

5. There are 30 mechs that are not yet released. (Seigfried will probably be the last one to be released because it has Large sword form and dual sword form which requires a lot of motions to program.)

These are merely part of the project, and including the system itself, we will be improving the game. To do this, we need players' help."





[March 20th 2014]

Very great news! Teshima is back!!!

His computer died and he only has onboard graphic cards,

which made him incapable of developing SK.


He currently is studying shaders, so looks like we could anticipate better shadows when the new

version comes out.


[October 8th 2013]

The download counters were broken and didn't worked anymore.

I fixed them and was forced to get new ones.


...Who is she?





[February 19th 2013]

Still no news from Mr. Teshima.


[December 12th 2012]

It is Silver Knights 10 years anniversary!

The first Silver Knights version got released 12th Dec 2002.

Thank you for this great game Teshima!



[October 16th, 2012]

Teshima is still in germany for a business trip at the moment.

I wanted to mention that everybody who signs up here is able to upload screens to the Gallery.

So take some epic SK screens or make some artworks and feel free to upload those here!




[September 22th, 2012]

Nothing new from Teshima, yet.


[September 1st, 2012]


[August 27th, 2012]

I made a quick guide on how setup Emblems for SK.

Also MugenAttack created a SK Emblem Manager!

More details in the F.A.Q.!



[August 26th, 2012]



[August 25th, 2012]

Maikaze, the Jet mech from version 0.05D and a new Jet mech are comming to SK soon!



[August 24th, 2012]

I made a HD Icarus gameplay video for the mech description!



[August 22th, 2012]

Helldiver450's SK anime opening is done!



[August 22th, 2012]

It seems like Teshima is still in hospital.

Let's hope he get well soon!



[July 29th, 2012]

Silver Knights 0.13K is out!

The tank mech Shiranui, from version 0.05D came back and 

a new face named Kagerou joined!


[July 23th, 2012]



[July 21th, 2012]



[July 19th, 2012]

Icarus intro scene!



[July 18th, 2012]

Here is a preview of the intro. (HD)



[July 17th, 2012]

Zephyrus intro scene!




[July 17th, 2012]

More Shiranui updates!



[July 16th, 2012]

More progress of Helldiver450's upcomming SK intro!



[July 16th, 2012]

Helldiver450 is working on an animated intro movie as tribute to Silver Knights!

This is an actual scene of the upcomming intro.





[July 16th, 2012]

It seems like Shiranui from version 0.05D is returning!



[July 15th, 2012]

SK 0.13G is out!

-3 maps
-wider angle for Tartaros' option
-new sub + option for Gyges
-Bacchus' emergency descent have been replaced
-Gigantes & Thor shine which will increase their movement speed when AP gets low


[July 15th, 2012]

 Photobucket Photobucket


[July 12th, 2012]

I made a Map pack. When more maps come out I will update the Map pack.

It is containing all 36 maps made by SK fans or Teshima which aren't in regular SK versions.

The setup is really easy. I added a F.A.Q. point for it.

This should bring you more variety to your SK battles!




[July 12th, 2012]

Teshima is reworking Gyges!

 Photobucket Photobucket


[July 9th, 2012]

It seems like Teshima is reworking the option for Tartaros.



[July 7th, 2012]

Silver Knights 0.13 F is out!

A small patch only thought.

Get it at downloads section.

Just drag and drop the patch files into your 0.13 E directory and replace.



[July 6th, 2012]

Sign up!

As soon as the skte gets more members I'll add a forum to it!


[July 6th, 2012]

Silver Knights version 0.13 E is out!

A full game this time.

Get at downloads section and enjoy Iris!

Also I added Iris to the poll.


[July 5th, 2012]



[July 4th, 2012]

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


[July 3rd, 2012]


[July 2nd, 2012]

It seems like Iris is close to be finished.

Photobucket Photobucket


[July 1st, 2012]

 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket



[June 30th, 2012]


Photobucket Photobucket


[June 29th, 2012]

Iris' option.



[June 27th, 2012]

Fan service? o:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


[June 26th, 2012]

Okay Im impressed.

Its impossible for me to try to sound proffesial now cuz this melee just looks frickin awesome! xD

Photobucket Photobucket



[June 26th, 2012]

Iris' guard counter attack ability!

Photobucket Photobucket


[June 25th, 2012]

More updates for Iris!



[June 24th, 2012]

Updates for Cerberus' firewall!



[June 24th, 2012]

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


[June 23th, 2012]

Teshima got a new homepage again.

I updated the links in the Forum/Links section already.

Also SK version 0.13D is out which is a patch again.

So same as before you can either download the full game or the patch only.

The differences are that Gyges' dash got fixed and 

a new option point in the battle menu to be able to play without any boost limitation!

Zephyrus is bugged unfortunatly and the unlimited boost won't work for him, yet.





[June 22th, 2012]

More updates for Iris melee!

Sadly Teshimas website have been down the last days.

Lets hope Teshimas site is going to come back soon.



[June 19th, 2012]

More updates for Iris also a Boost limiter option for the game.

No further information how the Boost limiter will work, yet.

Also I have put the Masamune video into Masamune's mech description.




[June 18th, 2012]

This little project took me a few hours.

A little fan made Masamune Story.

I recommend HD & fullscreen.



[June 18th, 2012]

Update on Iris' melee animations.


[June 18th, 2012]

My new Silver Knights video about the history for you to see the progress SK made!

Enjoy! (HQ)


[June 17th, 2012]

Yes its Kaede, the Ninja mech! Kaede was in the 0.05D milestone version already and is going to come back

to the newer versions!





[June 17th, 2012]

More updates including a space map!





[June 17th, 2012]

It seems like Teshima is working on Iris! It will very probably going the be the next

mech to get released for SK!




[June 16th, 2012]

New Silver Knights version 0.13C is out!

A new Cerberus main shot model, a new team color mode in the battle menu,

new shake effects, Tartaros' option got remade, a new "garden" map, and more.

Get it at downloads section and enjoy!

Its a patch for 0.13A. You can download the full patched 0.13C already 

or just download the small patch only and replace the files on your own.


[June 16th, 2012]

A big bunch of updates!















[June 13th, 2012]

Enjoy the first fully Silver Knights battle in the air! (HD)

It takes some pratice but it is possible.


[June 12th, 2012]

I added Rapidshare as second mirror.

If you would like any other mirrors you can request those in the blog.


[June 12th, 2012]

I added Tartaros to the Mech Description.

Thought Kismeth; the person which made the Silver Knights cards anyhow disappeared

from the Internet. He might be busy with college so I'll give the Tartaros Card a try myself.

And as you noticed I added a chatbox to the skte and the possibility to sign up for this website.

I planned to make a forum for this website once I got more followers.


[June 10th, 2012]

After a so long break new SK version, 0.13A is finally out!!

Tartaros and the new blur got implemented also all animations of the mechas have been re-made.

The melee mode from ver 0.05D came back!

Get it english patched here!

I added Tartaros to the poll.


[Mai 29th, 2012]

Looks like heavy Tartarus' melee will be the lance.


[Mai 28th, 2012]

Looks like light Tartarus' melee will be a whip. 



[Mai 26th, 2012]

Tartarus updates!


[Mai 23th, 2012]

More about the new effects.



[Mai 21th, 2012]

A fun screen from Teshima.


[Mai 18th, 2012]

More updates! This looks like a new aim!





[Mai 17th, 2012]

I made a new SK video. 

This contains some of the mech models from the Silver Knights model designer Moongate.

Some of those mechs are planed to come to SK like Siegfried which u can see around 3:10 mins.

The thing bellow Siegfried is his jetmode.



[Mai 16th, 2012]

More pics about the enhanced 2.5D motion blur!




[Mai 16th, 2012]

Very good news! Teshima is back and working on Silver Knights again.

He has lately been secretly working on SK.

Stay tuned! New SK version might come soon.

Also I got to mention that anyhow my youtube account got deleted.

Meaning all my SK videos are gone, too.

 Photobucket Photobucket


[April 14th, 2012]

I made a Cerberus video. Enjoy!



[March 31th, 2012]

Mission #3 is done and 4 is comming very soon!

get it here.



[March 25th, 2012]

Mission #2 is done!

Get it here.



[March 25th, 2012]

When this website gets more followers I'll add a forum and a clan to it!

[March 24th, 2012]

I started to work on a mission mode for Silver Knights.

I planned to make 10 challenging missions for the SK mission mode!

Mission #1 is done and ready to play.

Click here for more information.



[March 24th, 2012]

Teshima says when he works on SK, there are many problems that it lowers his motivation.

He says that he decided to do something else about SK and he's working on it little by little.


[March 17th, 2012]

I added a polling. Go vote for your favorite mech!

click me.


[March 12th, 2012]

I made a Zone of the Silver Knighs gameplay video.

You can download the mod here.



[March 11th, 2012]

The skte got refined and improved!

Make sure you check the new SK Gallery!

Unfotunatly the Silver Knights production is still on ice.

I might start making some maps for new content until Teshima is back.


[October 30th, 2010]

Robodog huh? Lets wait to find ouf if this is an official mech or not.



[October 27th, 2010]

New updates to the new Philotes mode.


[October 26th, 2010]

 Missile Philotes ?! Missile Philotes is not official. Its fan made.



[October 19th, 2010]

This model looks similar to Philotes. Maybe its a new Philotes mode.



[October 14th, 2010]

New Tartaros in light armor screenshots.

The Grunt is new. Maybe he will be related with the Story or Mission mode.

Who knows? 



[October 11th, 2010]

This seems to be a new lock-on system.


[October 10th, 2010]

New updates on Tartatos.



[October 8th, 2010]

Tartaros, Joker & Kaede is what we can see on this screen.

All of those 3 mechs are from 0.05D days.

This was the first time a Joker V2 and a Kaede V2 model screen shot was released.


Here is the front picture of the Lance and Shield of the unknown mech.

The codename is Iris


[October 7th, 2010]

New Siegfried screens and also Tartaros this time.


[October 6th, 2010]

This is Siegfried, a new mech. Lets hope to see it in the next release.


[October 6th, 2010]

Silver Knights 0.12 G is out. The new version contains 1 new mech.

The new mech is Baccus wich is an old mech from the 0.05D days.

In this new release it has completly new model.

New version with english patch will be uploaded in a few hours.


[October 1th, 2010] 

Silver Knights 0.12 F is out. The release came suddenly !


So whats new ?

* all mech's melee speed up

* more maps wich are also compatible with shaders

* The angle of view has been changed

Get 0.12 F at Downloads section.

Its already patched with english ini.



[August 18th, 2010]

Teshima is currently busy with his work. Please bear with that.

The next update could come every moment so stay tuned.



[June 4th, 2010]

I added a Gunners section. Feel free to visit it.



[May 28th, 2010]

Helldiver450 made a Zone of the Silver Knights final version.

He anounced this system requirements

-1.98 GHZ or greater

-Graphics card that can handle DX9c and shaders 2.0

-a normal audio card

Download: (124.12MB)


[May 10th, 2010]

Helldiver450 released a new mod. Its his first beta of Zone of the Silver Knights.

-added custom ZOE music, some particle imitations, and all of the good-old familiar ZOE sounds remastered like neverbefore.

-Changed the lockon system to be just like the one in ZOE 2nd runner.
In the next version, He will be working on ZOE-like menus and FULL hud.

-The robots in this one are alot slimmer, and more OF/Eureka 7-like... The attacks can be compared to ZOE's but a tad slower..

So to all of you who wanted something closer to ZOE on pc, take this.

Download: (85.5MB)



[April 25th, 2010]

This looks obvously like a new city map wich is very amazing. The grahics are fantastic.

Enjoy these great screen shots. Download the map here

If you have no idea on how to add maps into SK check the F.A.Q. section.





[April 19th, 2010]

Very good news to all 64 bit system users !

The latest Silver Knights version is finally playable on 64 bit systems !

But who made this Silver Knights patch ?  Teshima ! He posted it at the skolympus forum:

Get the patch at the skte Downloads section.

[April 10th, 2010]

Teshima added some glowing effects to the mechs and also a new menu option to put the glowing on & off.

Here is the result.





[April 8th, 2010]

New shader effects. This looks very Manga-styled.



[April 6th, 2010]

New release with blurring effects is out and also some new option menu related stuff.

Already downloadable at the Downloadssection.

I think the graphics of the game already improved enough.

In my opinion Teshima should concentrate now on making some new mechs.



[April 1st, 2010]

Teshima got inspired by Helldiver450's mod video. Now Teshima is trying to reproduce some of the effects.

The result is amazing as we can see ! I guess you cant wait to try that out yourself right ?