Silver Knights Technical

Mission Mode



Im not that good making up stories so what Im going to do is a Mission Mode for SK!

If you love the challenge try to do those Missions with difficulty on hard.

Mission #1 - Interceptor

-Map: Test Map

-Survival Mode

-Player pick Arjuna Team red, Enemies 3 Thors Team green


-Defeat the Thor Guards

Mission #2 - Bushido

-Map: Test Map

-1 Military Potential(=Life) for player, 2 Military Potential for Enemy

-Masamune vs Masamune

-Melee only for player allowed!


-Defeat your enemy using Melee only


Mission #3- Enlighten the darkness

-Map: Test Map

-Survival Mode

-Any mech is allowed for the player

-Player team red vs 4 Philotes Team green


-Survive 2 Minutes without attacking and defeat the Philotes' after.