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Here you can find older versions and some mods.



[July 15th, 2012]

 Silver Knights 0.13 G

 Mirror #1 Mediafire

Silver Knights 0.13 G




Full game: 63 MB


    -3 maps

    -wider angle for Tartaros' option

    -new sub + option for Gyges

    -Bacchus' emergency descent

      have been replaced

    -Gigantes & Thor shine


[July 7th, 2012]

 Silver Knights 0.13 F



 Mirror #1 Mediafire

Silver Knights 0.13 E

Silver Knights 0.13 F

(Patch for 0.13E)




Full game: 52 MB

Patch: 1.3 MB



        -New Cerberus wall



[June 22th, 2012]

 Silver Knights 0.13 D


 Mirror #1 Mediafire


Patch only



English  - new version


Full game: 52 MB
Patch: 1 MB


        -Gyges dash fixed

        -Unlimited Boost option


[June 16th, 2012]

Silver Knights 0.13 C

Full 0.13C

0.13 C patch only


Full: 52 MB

Patch: 2 MB

[June 10th, 2012]

 Silver Knights 0.13 A


English - 52 MB




  [October 6th, 2010]

Silver Knights 0.12 G






English - 50 MB


[October 1th, 2010]

 Silver Knights 0.12 F


English - 59 MB

  [April 6th, 2010]

 Silver Knights 0.12 E


English - 44 MB

 [April 19th, 2010]

Silver Knights 64 bit Patch for 0.12 E

 Install this if you got problems to run 

Silver Knights on Vista or Windows 7

Put these files into your SK-Ver0.12E folder.

[May 28st, 2010]

 Zone of the Silver Knights

Final version MOD


English - 104.08 MB

Helldiver450s lastest Silver Knights mod.


 [May 10st, 2010]

Zone of the Silver Knights MOD


English - 88.5 MB

Helldiver450s Silver Knights mod.


 [April 1st, 2010]

 Silver Knights 0.12 D (0.12 C Patch)


English - 1.5 MB 

Only a patch for some bug fixes on 0.12 C.

Download the files.

Put them into your SK 0.12C folder

and replace them.

[March 31th, 2010]

 Silver Knights 0.12 C MOD

English - 67 MB

made by Helldiver450

So whats new ? Check the News section for

more information about the 0.12C mod. News


[March 29th, 2010]

 Silver Knights 0.12 C


English - 64 MB

If you got problems ingame check: F.A.Q.


[March 29th, 2010]

Silver Knights 0.12 B MOD


English - 67 MB

made by Helldiver450

 Check the video for more information.

[March 19th, 2010]

Silver Knights 0.12 B


English (fixed) - 42 MB 

If you got problems ingame check: F.A.Q.


[March 15th, 2010]

Silver Knights 0.12 A


  English (fixed) - 41 MB

Improved Graphics, blurring, HDRR, shading and much more.

If you got problems ingame check: F.A.Q.

[February 19th, 2010]

Silver Knights 0.10 V

English - 48 MB

[January 25th, 2010]

Silver Knights 0.10 R


English - 37 MB

Whats new ?

Masamune V2

Improved Game Menu



[January 11th, 2010]

Silver Knights 0.10 P


English - 37 MB

Cerberus V2 Rollout Version

[August 16th, 2009]

Silver Knights 0.10 O


English - 45 MB


[unknown, 2004-2008]

Silver Knights 0.05E

English - 6 MB

This version only contains the

remade version of Philotes.

There arent any other mechs.

[October 11th, 2004]

Silver Knights 0.05D_

 English - 8 MB

This version was really popular around


It was the stable milestone version.

Silver Knights 0.05D also includes 2 space

maps not implemented into newer

versions, yet.

This milestone version contains 13 mechs.

[September 24th, 2003]

Silver Knights 0.03P


English - 3 MB

A very old Silver Knights version.

This version contains 7 mechs.

Much less features than in newer version.


 This version is still using the primitive

mech models.




[December 12th, 2002]

Silver Knights Alpha


Japanese - 0.6 MB

This is the very first version of

Silver Knights