Silver Knights Technical


The Silver Knighs Technical

All Silver Knights websites are dead or in japanese so I decided to make one.

I took an url which is easy to keep in mind. You can also bookmark this site.

I will update it always when I got some free time.

Some of the pictures on this website won't show sometimes.

This is because Teshima's imageboard is temporary down at times.

Due to that I (re)upload most of the pictures on my own. 

Silver Knights might be a bit difficult to get into so I designed the skte newbie friendly

but still interesting for SK veterans with SK cards and more interesting stuff.

I made a detailed F.A.Q. which contains useful guides.

You also can leave comments on the Blog or the chatbox if something is unclear.

Please keep in mind english is not my native language but Im doing my best!

When this website gets more members I'll add a forum to it!



Silver Knights Introduction

Silver Knights is doujin soft developed by Haruo Teshima.

Teshima started developing SK on 2002.

The game was very popular around 2004 when the milestone version 0.05D was released.

Game developement was on ice from 2004-2007.

Which is the reason why many players became inactive and or left.

On 2007 Teshima updated minor things in the milestone version 0.05D.

Janurary 2008 Teshima released Silver Knights 0.10 B.

The 0.10 series is a completely new game with improved graphics and many more features.

The most mechs from the older 0.05D milestone version were already remade with

new models, skills, far more variarity.

There came some new mechs, too. 

Silver Knights is still under development. Mr. Teshima is a married family father and works on 

SK in his freetime as hobby.

Currently a bunch of players are playing latest SK version active.

























~Under construction. renewing the mech description with java...I used war of the immortals website as template.



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